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Elastigirl Cosplay (The Incredibles)


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A great comic telling people to stand up for their fellow fans!

You want to know how terrible that these douche bags can get? I made a Sailor Venus cosplay for my younger sister who looked amazing and proud to wear it. I made sure she wore white shorts that covered her panties and stopped where the skirt ended, (because of the horror stories we heard about perverts taking pictures up cosplayers’ skirts without consent) Turns out there were jerks trying to take pics up her skirt, but started to complain to each other that she was wearing shorts under and it wasn’t fair. SHE WAS UNDERAGE AT THE TIME OF WEARING THIS COSPLAY! Not only were they attempting sexual harassment, but ON A MINOR! Please, reblog this, spread the word, and stand up for other cosplayers if you see/hear this.

I can’t tell you how flattered (and also somewhat triumphant) I am that my comic is still going around being shared like this. Keep doing it, and keep telling your stories, and this is how we’ll change things. 

By the way, cons, the above is available in large size for printing and posting in your spaces and con books for free, just download them from here: 

Ledger size:

Letter size:

Spread the word!

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Random shots from my Wonder Woman inspired shoot I did with Atomic Pin Ups this summer. Once I get the rest of the shots I’ll post more from the set, we had so much fun!

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Finally got my vest for my Bobby cosplay. Whatcha think?

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The Family Business”

Deanna Winchester:

Samantha Winchester:

Human Impala:

Photographer: Rebekah Bronwen Photography

Human Impala. Amazing idea.  

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Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Fionna the Human at NYCC 2013
Submitted by philipjfries


Buffy the Vampire Slayer & Fionna the Human at NYCC 2013

Submitted by philipjfries

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sharemycosplay: is ready for some #adventuretime as Fionna! #cosplay #cartoons (Photographer)

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