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Posted 1 month ago


We’ve got a double dose of awesome for today’s ECCC 2015 celebrity guest announcement: Rachel Skarsten and Emmanuelle Vaugier!

Currently deep in the battle between the light and dark Fae as Tamsin on the cult hit Lost Girl, Rachel Skarsten has been a mainstay in her native Canada since starting out as Bess in Little Men as a teenager, and then broke out in the U.S. playing Dinah Lance/Black Canary in Birds of Prey. She’s had roles in Flashpoint, The Listener, The L.A. Complex, Beauty and the Beast, and can be seen next February on the big screen in Fifty Shades of Grey.
Presently stirring up all kinds of trouble as The Morrigan on SyFy/Showcase’s Lost Girl, Emmanuelle Vaugier's no stranger to the large and small screen. From Highlander to The Outer Limits, Mythquest to Charmed, Smallville to Saw, CSI to Human Target, Supernatural to Covert Affairs, she’s always keeping busy entertaining her fans. She’s also done voices in the Need for Speed and Call of Duty video game franchises, and if that isn’t enough she also is an avid animal lover and runs a charitable foundation called The Fluffball that supports animal rescue!

Both of these guests will be at Emerald City Comicon all three days, and will be available for autographs, photo ops, and panels!

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Our newest celebrity guest is Patrick Warburton!

The list of amazing characters that he has portrayed, either in animation or live action, is immense. He broke out as Puddy on Seinfeld and other shows like Dave’s World and Newsradio, and then literally personified The Tick. He’s played recurring or regular characters on 8 Simple Rules and Rules of Engagement, and can be seen on College Humor quite frequently. His new series, Sequestered, is streaming on Crackle right now.
He’s the voices of Agamemnon, Buzz Lightyear (TV/Video version), Mr. Steve Barkin, Kronk, Rip Riley, and most importantly: Brock Samson.
Mr. Warburton will be appearing at Emerald City Comicon on Saturday and Sunday only. SPOOOOOOOON! For information on all our celebrity guests, visit our website.

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John Barrowman is our newest celebrity guest! Woo!

Captain Jack Harkness (Torchwood, Doctor Who) himself, this classically trained stage actor currently stars on the smash hit show Arrow as Malcom Merlyn. He has also had roles in the TV shows Titans and Desperate Housewives, and was in the movie Zero Dark Thirty. He also has a thriving musical career with several albums to his name, and can dance circles around you, too.
Mr. Barrowman will be appearing all three days of Emerald City Comicon, and will be available for professional Photo Ops, Autograph sessions, and panels!


Posted 2 months ago


Our first celebrity guest for ECCC 2015 is Charisma Carpenter! Best known as mean girl-turned Scooby, Cordelia Chase, on Buffy the Vampire Slayer and then Angel, this former award-winning ballet dancer and San Diego Charger cheerleader went on to supporting roles on Veronica Mars, Greek, The Lying Game, and the Expendables films.

Ms. Carpenter will be appearing all three days of Emerald City Comicon, and will be available to sign autographs and take professional photo photos. Prices will be released at a later date, and ECCC passes go on sale September 1, 2014.

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As you may remember, we asked Emerald City Comicon attendees to fill out a survey after this year’s show, to get a better idea of what worked, what didn’t, and who are attendees are. The majority of the data we received will remain private to our team, but we thought this piece of information was quite interesting and worth of sharing.

In response to the question, “what is your gender?”, with a blank text box to fill in, we received a wide variety of answers. When we compile the data, these are the results:

  • 52% of respondents referred to themselves as female (examples of terminology include: “cis female”, “female”, “female identifying” “girlthing”, “lady”, “Wonder Woman”)
  • 46% of respondents referred to themselves as male (examples of terminology include: “cis male”, “boy”, “dood”, “I’m a MAN!”, “male”, “man?”)
  • 2% of respondents referred to themselves in non-binary terms (examples of terminology include: “agender”, “genderfluid”, “genderqueer”, “non-binary”, “Is Bad-Ass a gender?”, “Cthulhu”, “a nebulous glow cloud”)

We can’t break down the responses further without risking a breach of privacy, but the responses we did receive were quite illuminating, and helpful in providing us with a more accurate view of our attendees.

So thank you for filling out the survey, and being honest with us about how you identify your gender. We will do our best to make sure every Emerald City Comicon attendee feels welcome at our convention, regardless of their gender identity or sexual orientation.

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So, Little!Castiel got around at ECCC! He had a blast and I really appreciate the way that the fellow fans treated him. He’s still talking about it today.

If you happen to see yourself in any of these pics, please let me know so I can add you to the tags. Every last one of you helped to make my son’s first convention so special.

Hey…there I am in the bottom pic! :-)

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You idjits ready for emeraldcitycomicon?

Posted 6 months ago

Had a great time at trivia last night with o-bloody-ellemiller0326 (who just turned 21 yesterday!!!), and her mom (with whom I’ve been friends for about 8 years now).  Again, our team took 2nd place.  One of these times we’ll get 1st!!! (if sofuckingkatty had been there, we would have nailed it!)

It’s so funny to think that someone I’ve known since she was 13 is now old enough to drink!  But she and her mom are both adorable and wonderful people and I love them dearly.

Today’s my last day of work until the 7th!!! W00T!!!  Emerald City Comicon starts TOMORROW and I’m taking the kids, Elle, and her mom.  Should be AMAZEBALLS!

If you’re going to the con and want to meet up, send me an ask/fanmail (or send me a text if you have my number).

Posted 6 months ago

Emerald City Comicon Fan Meetup schedule


Okay! This is our final Meetup schedule, as it will appear in the program guide. We included all the requested fandom meetups you asked for, and did our best to make sure that they weren’t directly conflicting with panels or photo ops with celebrity guests from those shows/movies/etc. The one listed as “tumblr” is a general meetup for anyone who wants to meet others from tumblr, or for fandoms not included on the list. We hope you’re excited for these!

"Whether you’re a Whovian or a Hunter, a cosplayer or a crafter, you are welcome here! These are the fandom meetups during ECCC as suggested by fans on tumblr. Meetup Areas A and B are on WSCCC level 2, in the North Galleria."

Friday March 28

  • 10AM: Sherlock (Area A) and Disney (Area B)
  • 11AM: Stargate (Area A) and Star Trek (Area B)
  • 12PM: Homestuck (Area A) and The Thrilling Adventure Hour (Area B)
  • 1PM: Supernatural (Area A) and Star Wars (Area B)
  • 2PM: Doctor Who (Area A) and Fanfiction (Area B)
  • 3PM: Warehouse 13 (Area A) and Welcome to Night Vale (Area B)
  • 4PM: Marvel (Area A) and Sailor Moon (Area B)
  • 5PM: tumblr (Area A) and Orphan Black (Area B)
  • 6PM: Pacific Rim (Area A) and Hannibal (Area B)

Saturday March 29

  • 10AM: Homestuck (Area A) and Orphan Black (Area B)
  • 11AM: Marvel (Area A) and Welcome to Night Vale (Area B)
  • 12PM: Doctor Who (Area A) and Star Wars (Area B)
  • 1PM: Warehouse 13 (Area A) and Fanfiction (Area B)
  • 2PM: Stargate (Area A) and The Thrilling Adventure Hour (Area B)
  • 3PM: Supernatural (Area A) and Hannibal (Area B)
  • 4PM: tumblr (Area A) and Disney (Area B)
  • 5PM: Pacific Rim (Area A) and Sailor Moon (Area B)
  • 6PM: Sherlock (Area A) and Star Trek (Area B)

Sunday March 30

  • 10AM: Warehouse 13 (Area A) and tumblr (Area B)
  • 11AM: Pacific Rim (Area A) and Sherlock (Area B)
  • 12PM: Doctor Who (Area A) and Sailor Moon (Area B)
  • 1PM: Supernatural (Area A) and Homestuck (Area B)
  • 2PM: Stargate (Area A) and Welcome to Night Vale (Area B)
  • 3PM: Disney (Area A) and Fanfiction (Area B)
  • 4PM: Marvel (Area A) and The Thrilling Adventure Hour (Area B)


**Note that ECCC is not running these meetups, we’re just providing you with a space to meet each other and have fun!

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It’s finally here! @emeraldcitycon is this weekend, and we will be there!! Come visit us at booth 1818!! We will debut our 2 newest prints! Plus, we will have Origin Series Books there for sale, while supplies lasts! We’ll have our new iPhone & Galaxy cases too so come and get yours before someone else takes it first! We will also have another item for sale for the first time at cons!! More on that soon! Make sure to come see at Emerald City Comic Con! Believe, you don’t want to miss this! #theninjabot #ninjabot #eccc #comics #seattle #art (at Ninjabot HQ)

Oooooh! Need a new awesome case for my S4!!! I’M THERE!!!